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The McLean Estate Planning Council is a voluntary group of accountants, attorneys, financial advisors and managers, insurance agents, and trust officers.  Others may attend.  We are a continuing professional education organization on estate planning and related subjects.  Typically we meet on the fourth Wednesday of the month for lunch with a speaker on subjects of mutual interest.  Occasionally in the past we have a second meeting for subjects with a narrower interest.  Check program and events for specific dates and subjects.  Questions and friendly spirited debates are encouraged.

We started just before the new mellinnium.  The Gathering Time traditionally starts at 11:30 with the speaker and presentation starting around 12 for about an hour and usually a little longer. Come early to have fun before the lunch.

Comment from a participant:  "Well, the monthly meetings seem to really be well received. I like them because as a sole proprietor I get to meet people in related financial planning fields and the topics help to keep me informed. Since I'm not in an office with other financial advisors all day and I don't have a branch manager bringing in speakers all the time, I really enjoy the exchange of information that I get at MEPC. It helps supplement all the reading material that I have to go through."  Another said they attend MEPC, but not elsewhere, because "they learn things they can use".  May we be so lucky as to continue deliverying practical information to our participants.

No one has suggested a better way to describe the energy, enthusiasm, spontanity, and fun of our meetings.  Things are said by a speaker or panel or from the floor that would not be heard anywhere else, or in any other similar place.  A few of those comments have been life changing, but we can't say in advance which meeting will have one of those.  That they happen is wonderful.

We are a Virginia non-stock corporation with the members voting for the Directors.  McLean Estate Planning Council has received recognition from the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable educational organization.  The IRS recognition empowers Virginia Code 8.01-220.1:1 that officers, managers, members, and other leaders (we mean speakers) are exempt from liability especially for what is said at meetings.  The names of speakers are rarely announced.  All of this is to foster an openess and candidness that is rarely found elsewhere.  Because of the openness that is encouraged, the caveat applies of take what you can use and leave the rest.

This website is for professional use assuming a broad general exposure to the practices and procedures of the estate planning professionals and the law applicable within Virginia.  The content is not suitable for use as a substitute for professional advice. Professional experience is required before using anything herein as guidance.  This website is owned and copyright by McLean Estate Planning Council Website, LLC, which is a single member subsidiary of the McLean Estate Planning Council, a Virginia non-stock corporation.