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Our Chairman is Emory Hackman who can be reached as the Chair or at 703 288-2941.

This website is for professional use assuming a broad general exposure to the practices and procedures of the law applicable in Virginia and related disciplines. The content is not suitable for use as a substitute for professional advice. Professional experience is required before using anything herein as guidance.  Copyright McLean Estate Planning Council Website, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of McLean Estate Planning Council, a Virginia non-stock corporation.

The members of the Board of Directors attend many of the monthly meetings.  They can be contacted by attending a meeting.  The Directors are elected by the members in staggered terms.  The Directors appoint the officers.  The current Directors of the Board of Directors are:
Mel Voight (financial) expires at the end of 2017
Emory Hackman (attorney) at the expires end of 2016
Riyad Said (financial) expires at the end of 2017
Eileen Swicker (attorney) expires at the end of 2015
Warren Grossman (attorney) expures at the end of 2016

Anyone who is interested in running for a position on the Board of Directors should contact any member of the Board at a monthly meeting, or may send an e-mail to the election coordinator, Bill Frazer.